80% of my items are original designed. I Specialize in Catboy merch, cuteXkink and items made for the female-gaze

Fan Art

20% fanart. Mostly niche Fandoms, Fanmerch from BL series and a growing collection of Male-wives.


Initial Sketch ➟ Finished Piece


Rappaccini’s Compendium , is a collaborative artbook between various artists with the sole goal of celebrating character design and the world of poisonous flora.

This artwork is a wordplay that uses the name of a toxic plant, Sweet William. I imagined a character named William who adores cats, but unfortunately, his presence is harmful to them.

The attire that William is wearing draws inspiration from traditional Filipino clothing from the 1900s, particularly the “barong Tagalog.” The outfit incorporates the transparency and intricate embroidery work that are characteristic of the traditional garb.

Table Set-up

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Hi! I’m Pumpkinknives, or Kerrie, as my friends call me. A proud Philippine-born and raised artist, I’ve found my creative home in the US. Since 2017, I’ve started following … Read more

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